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What's here at Strangers' Hall

Take a tour of Strangers' Hall

Take a video tour through the rooms and gardens of this 14th century merchant house

A history of Strangers' Hall

A short history of the house and some of the people who lived in and developed it

Great Hall

The Great Hall was the heart of the medieval and Tudor home

The chambers

Explore the bedchambers and the great chamber at Strangers' Hall

The Georgian dining room

Explore the Georgian dining room at Strangers' Hall, originally built in the Tudor period

The parlour

Explore the parlour at Strangers' Hall, likely added to the house in the late 15th century

The Sotherton Room

Explore the Sotherton Room at Strangers' Hall

The Victorian rooms

Explore the Victorian parlour, nursery and dining room at Strangers' Hall

The Walnut Room

Explore the Walnut Room, added to Strangers' Hall in the 17th century